A machine to change sprinkler heads faster

With the Dropmaster the sprinkler fitter can work faster and above all he can change heads in a cleaner way. Moreover, he can edit pipes where water is trapped and saves a lot of time on projects. A big advantage is that the smell of stagnant water is sucked away. This is especially appreciated by the office staff at the service location or for example in an shopping mall.

Cleaner working

After the pressure is released, the machine is connected to the system (for example a drain). The draining of the sprinkler system is reduced by at least half the time. There a vacuum created in the pipelines where the Dropmaster is connected. Once there is a vacuum, sprinkler heads can be easily replaced. No trapped water is released and odours can not escape. This method of working is limits the amount of clean-up work to a minimum and there is no need for container to catch the water.

Direct time savings

By using the Dropmaster you will immediately save time on the project. The Dropmaster has long been used by many satisfied installers and achieve time savings of 40-60%. Some say the savings in time increases up to 80%. This efficient way of working can give better profit and better satisfied end users.

Does suck the flexible hose or drop nipple COMPLETELY EMPTY.


Siron Dropmaster